Honour Roll

Chuma Bourgault
Raymonde Dupuis
Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix
Diane Warner

Novice Quartet Regional Award


Awarded to Chuma Bourgault, Raymonde Dupuis, Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix, Diane Warner

2023 - Up and Coming Quartet (Diane Warner, Raymonde Dupuis, Chuma Bourgault, Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix)

Past Durham Shores recipient:
1996 - Northern Harmony Quartet (Kate Ogden, Jan Mowat [now Hewitt], Gaylle Turner, Jan Stokes)

Alana Regular

Novice Director Regional Award


Awarded to Alana Regular

2024 - Alana Regular
2015 - Lynn Brown
2006 - Stephanie Jukes

Diane Warner

Assistant Director Regional Award


Awarded to Diane Warner

The Region 16 Assistant Director award is awarded to the region's most deserving Assistant Director based on different levels of skills achieved and help to support the director and chorus.  2023 award recipient was Diane Warner.

Sue Grace

Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Sue Grace

This award is given to one special lady in our chorus annually.  A member that goes above and beyond. It is someone who makes others feel special and that is an "asset" to the chorus, not only in talent but in everything they say and do.

Past Recipients
2023 - Sue Grace
2022 - Bev Nicholson
2021 - Renée Carey and Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix
2020 - Sue Heighway
2019 - Diane Warner
2018 - Ryan Phillips

2017 - Catherine Kalijundic
2016 - Bev Nicholson
2015 - Geri Loukes
2014 - Gwen May
2013 - Frances Logan
2012 - Sue Heighway
2011 - Mary Manion
2010 - Barbara Floyd
2009 - Carol Smith
2008 - Marg Allen
2007 - Diane Warner
2006 - Raymonde Dupuis
2005 - Stephanie Jukes
2004 - Sue Johnston
2003 - Ruth Price
2002 - Cheryl Hurst
2001 - Faye Burkey
2000 - Gaylle Turner
1999 - Ava Tomlinson
1998 - Diane McCormack
1997 - Jo Masters
1996 - Ellen Schmelzie
1995 - Janice Mowat
1994 - Carolyn Armstrong, (One of DSC's Founders)

Gaylle Turner Award - (Durham Shores Founding Director)


Awarded to

This award is to honour the personal commitment to a high level of learning and achievement. It is for a member who has been part of the chorus for more than a year and who has shown their commitment to increase the quality of their personal vocal mechanism and/or a commitment to share their knowledge with their section or the chorus at large. This commitment to learning is demonstrated by doing such things as: attending regional or international music schools, being present for coaching sessions, seeking PVIs, or seeking outside musical training.

The Music Team (Section Leaders, Assistant Directors and the Director) will put forth nominees for this award, and the selection of the recipient will be made by past winners of the award.

2011 - Kelsey Braiden
2010 - Diane Warner
2009 - Carol Smith
2008 - Jean Lorish
2007 - Marg "Mugsie" Allen
2006 - Stephanie Jukes

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