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  • I always dreamt of having an outlet to sing other than my church choir but I was very insecure with my vocal ability. Eighteen years ago I got brave and went to a Durham Shores Chorus rehearsal and fell in love with the sound.  Discovering barbershop and getting the vocal support was like finding a whole new me as well as a welcoming environment full of wonderful women who share the same passion for music.  Performing with the chorus fills my need to bring the joy of song wherever we may be.  Through the years I have made many acquaintances and friends within the Sweet Adelines organization and I'm honored to call many among them my dearest  friends.
    - Raymonde

    Durham Shores has been a wonderful influence in my life.. it's given me a whole support group and network of wonderful women, that teach me about giving and caring, as well as being able to share my love of music and this unique art-form of barbershop harmony with like-minded people.  If it weren't for Durham Shores Chorus, something would be missing in my life!
    Durham Shores is like a second family to me, a family where we share a common goal for musical artistry, and that common base keeps me coming back every week.  The camaraderie and friendship are the extra perks that make it an awesome place to be!
    - Diane

    Joining Durham Shores was definitely a life changer for me.
    I used to be fairly quiet and reserved. Singing and performing allows me to be free and totally express myself. I am who I am meant to be. I would have a huge void in my life if I didn't have the chorus. I was born to sing. I keep going to chorus to be with like minded ladies, to learn more and to have fun!!
    - Janice

    Durham Shores has given me a second family.  My sisters in harmony have a special place in my heart and surround me with love, laughter and a "hug" when you really need one.  "Those who wish to sing, will always find a song", and we do. 

    - Bonnie (I love singing bass!)

    It was either Durham Shores or a new puppy at a time in my life when my son was all grown up and I could do something for myself, so I chose DSC and I'm so glad I did.  It's a place where women from all walks of life can get together to sing and we have the same love of music in common, which of course we love to share with others whenever possible. I used to sing in a choir who even recorded albums growing up and missed singing until I found our welcoming chorus of my new best friends.
    - Lorraine

    Like most moms, I always took care of everyone else's needs before my own. When I finally found Sweet Adelines, and Durham Shores Chorus specifically, I started to realize how emotionally worn out and run down I had been. Singing barbershop harmonies with these women feeds my spirit in a way I hadn't realized I needed. They've made Wednesdays? (practice!!) my favorite day of the week. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be, than at practice singing amazing harmony with my chorus family at Durham Shores Chorus.
    - Laura

    Before I joined Durham Shores Chorus, I only sang in the shower and in my car... but now all I can think is "I wish I'd found this awesome group of women sooner!"
    - Sue Heighway


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