Durham Shores Chorus Quartets

Durham Shores Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...

Tonal Recall Quartet

Tonal Recall Quartet members...
Bass:Bonnie Tinline
Baritone:Ryan Phillips
Director :none 
Assistant Director:none 
Province: ON

UP and Coming

Up and Coming quartet are all members of the Durham Shores chorus, and got together as a quartet in 2016, in order to experience their love of barbershop more fully.  Jeannie, with 27 years experience singing barbershop, is the tenor of the group, Raymonde, with 17 years, sings lead, Chuma, with 11 years, sings baritone, and Lorraine, with 6 years, sings bass. "Being part of a quartet challenges us to new levels and we love to sing!" For two of the members, quarteting is a new experience, and the blend of their four voices is beautiful.
UP and Coming members...
Lead:Raymonde Dupuis
Bass:Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix
Baritone:Chuma Bourgault
Tenor:Diane Warner
Director :none 
Assistant Director:none 
Province: ON